So adorable!


It’s not even Thursday yet, but celebrities are already taking to Instagram to share their cutest throwback snaps… and this pop star looks almost unrecognisable as a child!

Rita Ora delighted fans when she posted an old school snap earlier today of her with her mother Vera.


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In the retro photo, the young singer looks teary-eyed, with a mane full of natural brown hair, as her mum tends to her badly burnt skin.

Rita captioned the snap: ‘I miss my mummy. This was me sun burnt on holiday one time. Use sunscreen kids.’

Fans of the 28-year-old immediately began commenting on the post, with many pointing out how much she looks like her mum.

One wrote: ‘You look 100% like her,’ while another added: ‘You look like your mother Rita!’

A third commented: ‘You are the absolute spit of your mum.’

Rita’s cute post comes just days after it was revealed she enjoyed a brief romance with Brooklyn Beckham, now 19, in 2017.

According to insiders, the pair shared flirty texts and secret dinner dates when Brooklyn was just 18 – much to the dismay of his parents.

A source revealed: ‘David was pretty furious when he got wind of their friendship, and Victoria was understandably concerned about the age gap.

‘She thought the whole thing was a bit weird. But it takes two to tango, and obviously Brooklyn fully engaged and really fancied Rita.’

However, Rita’s romance with the young Beckham was short-lived as he then moved to New York.

The source added: ‘But once David found out, he quickly scarpered over to New York to study and let the dust settle.

‘His parents may have not approved, but as far as Brooklyn was concerned, he has always hung out with older people and has a lot of famous pals.’

Not quite so innocent now are you, Rita!

Words by Becky Waldren.