As Twitter goes into meltdown over the #ManOnTheMoon John Lewis advert for 2015, we look back on every John Lewis advert since 2007...

The John Lewis advert has become as much a part of Christmas, as bad cracker jokes and Baileys.

But which one has been your favourite? With the unveiling of this year’s amazing Monty the Penguin commercial, we decided to get all nostalgic about Christmasses past.

So here’s the evolution of the iconic department store adverts from the start. Just you watch them and try not to cry…


Shadows (2007)

The Christmas adverts from our fave department store may have become a bit of a tradition now, but who’d have thunk that they started off like this? With a bit of clever lightning, this ad may be simple, (although our shadow puppets never looked like this!) the retailer giants were already standing out from the crowd. Humble beginnings – well played JL.


From Me To You (2008)

You know how people say that dogs look like their owners? Well, this is kinda the same deal. John Lewis shows that there’s a present out there for everyone, from your grandparents, to your dog. Although, we would be a little bit miffed if we were the one who was given a brolly…


Sweet Child of Mine (2009)

Ahh, the start of those infamous plinky-plonky, slowed down covers that make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
Is there anything better than watching a child excitedly open their present at
Christmas? YES. Watching a whole bunch of them! Unlocking the big kid in all of
us, if this doesn’t make you smile, then you must be Scrooge.



A Tribute to Givers

Getting presents for Christmas is great, but you know when you see something that you think ‘OMG THIS WAS MADE FOR MY FRIEND’? Yeah, that feels pretty great too, and John Lewis knows it. And who knew how sneaky parents had to be to hide and wrap our presents! Excuse us as we ring our mum and dads and tell them how much we love them.


The Long Wait (2011)

‘What is this kid doing?! Why is he so bored? Slow down with eating your dinner – you’re gonna get heartburn! Is he just excited for Christmas?…WAIT A MINUTE…he just wants to give his parents their present!’ Cue the tears.

After the popular Always a
Woman, this was the first Christmas ad that director Dougal Wilson did with
John Lewis, and it scooped up awards and melted people’s hearts. He’s been John
Lewis’ partner-in-crime ever since when it comes to making the nation feel



The Journey (2012)

Well this is unlike any snowman that we’ve ever built. Battling through rain, snowstorms, herds of sheep, the motorway and even Oxford Street. All just to get a pressy for his other half to keep warm! Insert love heart emoji here. Does this snowman come in human form?

The Bear and the Hare

Our heartstrings still haven’t quite recovered from this. The bear and the hare, BFFs that go through everything together. Except Christmas that is! The hare can’t believe the bear is snoozing away and missing out on the winter wonderland, and is totes sad about the whole situation. Cue Christmas morning, the hare is waiting, the bear’s face lights up just like the Xmas tree, and we’re in tears. Any other time, an alarm clock would be a pretty poor choice, but this is the most thoughtful gift ever.

Monty’s Christmas (2014)

This little boy is the luckiest child in the world if he’s got a pet penguin! Who else misses Pingu?)
They do everything together – hide and seek, build Lego, build forts, play
football. They’re the bestest of friends, until one day the penguin, called
Monty, starts feeling a bit lonely. Lo-and-behold, Christmas morning, the most
caring little boy in the world, has found Monty’s life partner! What? These
aren’t tears – there’s just a penguin in our eyes… Well done John Lewis, you’ve done it again!


Man On The Moon (2015)

We love the special message in this year’s John Lewis advert – to remeber the elderly this Christmas who might be alone. The advert features a little girl who spots a lonely old man living on the moon through her telescope – she tries to communicate with him but he can’t see her. Then she manages to float a Christmas present to him which is tied with balloons and it’s a telescope and he can see her too and he’s crying. And then we’re crying and everyone’s crying because OMG it’s so special.

Amy Lo