Can't you play nicely, Danny Dyer and James Jordan?

UH OH! Looks like the biggest Strictly Come Dancing action was taking place OFF the dancefloor over the weekend, as James Jordan and Danny Dyer got in a furious argument over social media.

The Twitter spat began following Danny Dyer’s guest appearance on Saturday’s Strictly episode, where he appeared alongside Eastenders co-star Kellie Bright. Outspoken Danny – who is said to have sworn 50 times in 25 minutes during filming of his Jonathan Ross Show appearance which also aired on Saturday night – was in good humours on the show, even laughing at Kellie’s dance partner, Kevin Clifton, when he impersonated Danny’s Eastenders character Mick Carter. But the high spirits were about to change…

Seeing Danny’s appearance, former Strictly dancer James Jordan – husband of Strictly dancer Ola Jordan, who remains on the show – joked on Twitter: ‘Is Danny Dyer on Strictly???’

Seeing the message, Danny tweeted a cutting response ripping into James’ absence from Strictly this year after doing eight series:

To which James took a stab at Danny’s movie career…

Ouucch! Meanwhile, the internet were like…

Things took a more nasty turn, with Danny – who’s not one to hold back on what he thinks – tweeting:

Fighting fire with fire, James later called Danny a ‘jumped up pr**k’. Charming.

And THEN he called him something even worse.

Yep, he went there.

GULP. We just hope this can all be swept under the rug, without any DYER (sorry) consequences for James. After all, Danny was just supporting his co-star Kellie – and it’s such a shame that things got nasty! How about a truce, gentlemen?