So, the Nicola McLean and Danielle Lloyd saga continues...

Following on from Friday’s final, we’re sure all of the famous faces of CBB have spent a lovely weekend catching up with their loved ones away from the wrath of Big Brother.

As expected, however, Nicola McLean has most definitely not left the house ready to bake cakes and talk about boys with notorious frenemy Danielle Lloyd– following Danielle’s comments about Nicola during her time in the house.

Heck- we thought the whole Kim v. Nicola thing was spicy enough… this one has got us sweatin’!

(Source: Huffington Post)

So, this is the sitch- Nicola and Danielle are understood to have fallen out before Nicola had entered the CBB house.

And, considering that housemates are strictly forbidden from engaging in contact with the outside world, Nicola had no idea that Danielle had been rather vocal about her stay inside the house- having taken to social media to slam Nicola’s claims that she had attended Danielle’s wedding to fellow CBB housemate Jamie O’Hara.

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Following Jamie’s eviction from the CBB house, controversial housemate Kim Woodbury (oh, lovey) had shared that she felt Jamie to be somewhat unfaithful in a relationship- making reference to the end of Jamie and Danielle’s 2012 marriage.

However, Kim’s arch nemesis Nicola was having none of it- having retaliated to Kim’s comments by claiming she had attended Danielle and Jamie’s wedding.

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This didn’t go down too well with Danielle, who had taken to Twitter to share: ‘Nicola Mclean was not at my wedding just to confirm!’ before adding, ‘And if nicola turned up in the night she was definitely a wedding crasher’.

Yup, don’t worry… we feel it too…*Awks*

Following on from Danielle’s snub, Nicola has now had her say- and, as expected, it ain’t all sunshine and roses…

Speaking with The MailOnline, Nicola shares: ‘Yeah, I’d really lie about where I was on the evening of Danielle Lloyd and Jamie O’Hara’s wedding. I’d need to lie about that, my life is that dull that I’d genuinely lie about being at a wedding’. (Just FYI- we think she’s being sarcastic. In fact, we’re like 99.9% sure of it).

She then added, ‘What a load of f***ing tripe. I saw the first dance with Damage performing, it was so good, he bought her a Bentley and it was covered with diamantes’.

Nicola continues, ‘I went to Birmingham for a night out with her to bury the hatchet, and she invited me to her wedding. I went because I was polite and, to be honest, I was nosy. I wanted to see what went on in these celeb weddings’.

Nicola’s final thoughts on the fiasco? ‘You’re Danielle Lloyd not f**king Beyonce!’.

Yikes… We hope the girls can sort out their differences soon!

Alice Perry