Teen heart-throb agrees to third movie


Zac Efron has signed up for a third High School Musical movie – a huge relief for Disney bosses.

The High School Musical phenomenon looked set to be on the rocks after a nude pic of Zac’s co-star Vanessa Hudgens hit the web – but reports claim the 19-year-old hunk has saved the day.

‘It’s a big relief,’ a studio source tells the Daily Star Sunday.

‘After the embarrassment over Vanessa, the loss of Zac would have been huge. Now things have been smoothed over with Vanessa and Zac is staying on, things have turned out great!’

The High School Musical movies have been a staggering success – the first selling 7.8 million DVD’s worldwide and a record 200 million fans went to see it.

No wonder Disney officials are chuffed Zac hasn’t quit.

Alison Adey