Probably the thing you'd least want your mum to see you doing

As much as it might be a little cringeworthy to have the nation watch you get it on on TV, you could imagine that there are a few people in particular that you’d never want seeing those scenes – your parents.

Unfortunately for former Miss GB Zara Holland, that’s exactly what’s happened, and now her mother has publicly voiced her thoughts on her daughter’s saucy antics on Love Island last week…

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Cheryl Hakeney, who some fans of daytime TV may recognise from her frequent appearances on Dickinson’s Real Deal, has spoken out about 20-year-old Zara – and while she’s not thrilled with her having slept with Alex Bowen on TV, she doesn’t think her daughter ‘committed any crime’.

‘I’m really surprised by Zara’s behaviour – it’s definitely out of character,’ she began in conversation with The Sun.

‘But, although it’s not her proudest moment, she hasn’t committed any crime.’

Love Island's Zara Holland and mum Cheryl Hakeney

Love Island’s Zara Holland and mum Cheryl Hakeney

Phew! The pair are clearly close, with both of them regularly posting pictures together on social media. What’s more, Zara chose to walk from the island last weekend due to mother Cheryl falling ill.

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Controversially, Zara was stripped of her title as Miss GB soon after the scenes were broadcasted last Wednesday. Pageant bosses explained that her actions meant that they could not ‘promote Zara as a positive role model moving forward’.

However, now more that 10,000 people have signed a petition for the beauty queen to get her title back – and it’s now obvious that someone else who definitely has her back is her mum. Lovely.