Former One Direction star Zayn Malik has upset fans by sharing a snap of himself smoking what appears to be a joint

Sound the alarm marked ‘Zayn Malik Controversy’, because the former One Direction star is back to his bad boy ways.

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The singer has shared a picture of himself smoking what appears to be a joint on Instagram – and his fans are none too happy about it.

The black and white shot shows Zayn exhaling a cloud of smoke as he holds the suspicious-looking cigarette.

And, just as they did when Zayn and then-bandmate Louis Tomlinson were filmed smoking a similarly suspicious cigarette during a visit to Peru in April last year – his fans have urged him to give up the bad habit.

One commented on the picture: ‘Oh no babe smoking is so bad for you, I don’t want you to get sick, please take care of yourself. You mean so much to us.  Please don’t smoke.’

Another – referencing the apology Zayn issued after the incident in Peru – posted: ‘He said he won’t do it again but look… Breaking up with Perrie changed him.’

And another added: ‘Stop acting as a bad boy!!!! I need my old angelic Zayn to come back.’

Zayn’s latest controversy comes just weeks after a friend claimed he was ‘self-destructing.’

The source close to Zayn told The Sun: ‘He’s self-destructing right now. I hope he’s got someone there for him, I doubt he has though… He’s p***ing off so many people.’

Speaking after the former 1D star split from Little Mix girlfriend Perrie Edwards and went on to engage in very public spats with DJ Calvin Harris and producer Naughty Boy, the source added: ‘It’s hard to see him having much support left by the time he’s ready to release any music.

‘You can blame other people, like his new management, but really, it’s him. He hasn’t had any success as a solo artist yet.’

Stephanie Wood