Zayn Malik's sister has shared some (very cute) family secrets

He spectacularly quit One Direction for a normal life, and it seems that’s exactly what 22-year-old Zayn Malik is now getting.

During her first ever interview Zayn’s older sister Doniya Malik has spilled all kinds of family secrets to BBC Asia Network, which sound less showbiz and more regular sibling.

Despite Doniya being a year older than the Bradford born singer, she says he’s looked out for his family and played the big brother role since the very start.

‘Because Zayn and I are very close in age, we’ve grown up together. He actually bosses me around and acts like a big protective brother which is quite nice at times,’ Doniya admitted. ‘He was quite spoilt growing up too, but I’d say I was actually more spoilt than Zayn because I was the first grandchild.’

While discussing Zayn’s rise to global fame and fortune, the 23-year-old fashion blogger was also keen to explain the effect this has had on their family as a whole.

‘It changed quite a lot actually,’ Doniya revealed. ‘But you get to do a lot more things, and there’s a lot more opportunities that you never thought you’d get to do. Even going to London, before Zayn got famous I’d never been to London

‘At the beginning when it first started out, I was 18. It was all kind of surreal and weird, but as time goes on you get used to it.’

Moving onto the subject of Zayn’s upcoming nuptials to Little Mix beauty Perrie Edwards, Doniya admitted she’s ‘more than happy’ to have the pop star join her family.

‘Perrie’s a really nice girl, she’s really friendly, very easy to get on with, down-to-earth, so I’d say just how it is with my sisters.’

We guess it’s happy families all round then on that note!

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