Newly single Zayn Malik, who's displayed some increasingly wild behaviour of late, is reportedly making a move on Lily Allen

Despite only breaking off his relationship with Perrie Edwards last month via text, Zayn Malik seems intent on finding himself a new lady. But the object of his affections might not return his advances – because she’s a married mother of two.

Lily Allen, 30, who has two children with her husband Sam Cooper, has reportedly been receiving raunchy messages from Zayn, 22, which a source says she’s ‘flattered’ about.

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According to The Sun, Zayn has fancied Lily since they met in 2013 on a flight from London to Los Angeles.

‘Zayn fancies Lily and has made that very clear,’ said the source. ‘He’s sent her X-rated pics and raunchy texts which she’s told a few people in her close circle about.’

Somehow we doubt Zayn will be getting lucky with Lily – not only is there an eight-year age gap between the pair, but there’s also the small obstacle of Lily being, you know, married. Still, you have to give him an A for effort…