Former One Direction member Zayn Malik has reportedly been getting back in contact with Little Mix ex Perrie Edwards

Seems like former One Direction‘s Zayn Malik just loves to communicate over the ol’ telephone. After having said to have broken up with his ex-fiancee Perrie Edwards via text back in August, after three years together, he’s now reportedly been back in touch with her via text again.

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While Perrie’s been around the world, busy promoting Little Mix‘s Get Weird album, a source told the Daily Star Sunday that ‘Zayn has started messaging Perrie again saying he misses and still loves her.’

Ouch. That’s a toughie on the ol’ emotions there.

‘Although Perrie is trying to be strong and move on, it’s obvious to everyone around her she’s still in love with Zayn.’

And while Perrie’s been linked to be dating Essex boy Joey Essex, who has suggested that they kissed, seeing Zayn romantically linked to so many other women ‘is killing her.’

‘So far they haven’t met up and Zayn hasn’t actually said he wants to get back together, just that he misses her.’

‘Her friends are worried if he begs her to take him back she could crumble.’

Is this going to turn into a Ross and Rachel situation?!

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