Zayn Malik has got a whole different look and it's sending fans crazy


Zayn Malik has experimented with his look quite a bit since leaving One Direction in March but his latest makeover might be his most drastic yet.

The 22-year-old star posed for a humble selfie yesterday to show off a daring new hair colour and also revealed a few other things he’s altered too…

Let’s start with that mane though. After trying out different shades over the past few months (remember the green stage?), Zayn’s now dyed his locks GREY and is totally working it, if you ask us.


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The singer made the most of the colour by spiking his locks up for the cute photo.

But that’s not all folks, oh no. To add to his makeover Zayn is working a beard in the snap, though that remains his natural dark colour rather than grey.

And then there’s the nose piercing too. After speculation that he’d had it done earlier this year, Zayn has now pretty much confirmed it by sporting a simple stud in his schnozzle along with a ring through his ear.

Oh, and did we mention he’s got GLASSES too? Yep, the Bradford-born star is rocking a chic pair of specs and all of this new visual information has kind of sent his fans into overdrive.

Some followers even wondered if Zayn could be matching his look to that of his rumoured new girlfriend Gigi Hadid.

The model – who was apparently spotted cuddling up to Zayn at the American Music Awards on Sunday – has fair hair and has even been seen wearing glasses fairly similar to Zayn’s…

Hmmm, an interesting thought! Other fans couldn’t help but notice that Zayn’s bespectacled new look comes after his former One Direction bandmate Niall Horan started wearing glasses too.

This debate could run and run so for now let’s just appreciate this whole new Zayn Malik makeover – we like it!

Watch the changing face of Zayn Malik in pictures…

Anna Francis