The girl who 'split up One Direction' has finally broken her silence three months after being pictured holding hands with Zayn Malik in Thailand

She is the woman who supposedly split up One Direction and ‘made’ Zayn Malik leave the band. Now, finally, Lauren Richardson has spoken out about THAT night in Thailand.

Speaking from her hotel in a secret location in Mallorca, Spain to Now’s Showbiz Editor Amy Brookbanks, Lauren revealed: ‘It’s been horrible. One Direction fans have sent me death threats, pictures of guns and knives and called me fat and ugly, but I don’t even fancy Zayn!’

Lauren, 19, who is set to hit the headlines yet again as one of the stars of Love Island on ITV2 which starts this Sunday and is hosted by Caroline Flack, insists that ‘absolutely nothing happened’ between her and Zayn the night she was pictured cozying up to him and says that ‘everything was blown out of proportion.’

Despite being pictured holding Zayn’s hand in the street while she was on holiday, Lauren says that she only wanted a picture taken with the popstar and nothing more.

‘I went into the VIP of the club and Example was playing. I couldn’t believe I got into the VIP area but the security let me in. I went near Zayn’s table to get a picture with him and I got it and nothing else happened.

‘We were all dancing and he seemed really nice and said ‘no problem,’ when I asked for a picture but we didn’t really talk that much after that. It’s funny as I hate being touched, but Zayn put his arm around and asked me, ‘Are you ok?’ And that was it! Zayn’s not my type and I don’t fancy him. He’s too young for me! It was all blown out of proportion!’

After being spotted with Zayn, Lauren says she had no idea what shocking events would follow after posting her own holiday snap of the star on her Instagram page.

‘I was still on the piss in Thailand getting drunk when it all happened. My best friend kept ringing me and she didn’t stop phoning so I thought it must be important and when I answered she said “Lauren have you seen your social media?!” I was like, “oh dear.” I didn’t realise the response it would have.’

And just days later she was accused of splitting up One Direction after Zayn quit.

Opening up to Now, Lauren admitted she has struggled to cope with the unwanted attention. ‘People accused me of splitting them up and I thought ‘oh here we go again!’ It wasn’t nice. I’d just had all this horrible attention and then it started again. I was followed to work for days and in the end my boss had to give me time off work until everything went away.’

But despite finding herself at the centre of a the biggest story in showbiz, Lauren insists  that Zayn did not contact her again or offer her any support despite hitting the headlines all over the world.

‘It was horrible. I had death threats and One Direction fans were sending me pictures of guns and knifes. They said I was fat, ugly and had a horrible bum. They compared me to Perrie and it really hurt. I acted like it didn’t hurt but it did,’ said Lauren. ‘I haven’t had any contact with Zayn since and Perrie hasn’t contacted me either. There wasn’t anything to say to her or anyone as nothing happened but I was very nervous and worried for a while – one day I had to climb over my back fence just to get out of my own home without being followed. I saw how the other half live and it was a load of agro!’

But now the storm has passed Lauren is eager to let her hair down and enjoy a summer of fun as she spends six weeks on Love Island with 11 gorgeous boys and girls all looking for love… She will appear on the show this weekend and this time hopes to enjoy a real holiday romance.

‘I’ve been single for four years and I’d love to find love. I’m very friendly and chatty and easy to talk to because I don’t shut up – I’m looking for someone similar with tattoos and loads of personality!’

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Amy Brookbanks