Zayn Malik's solo track has been leaked, and we've dug up the ex-One Direction star's other solo videos!


Zayn Malik is back and he’s only gone and brought some brand new flipping music with him too- we can practically hear the cheers from our desk!

The new release isn’t all sunshine and rainbows (or Zaynbows, if you will… sorry, we had to), as the track was actually leaked and is causing a fair bit of drama…

Zayn’s demo cover of Rae Sremmurd’s No Type was uploaded without warning to SoundCloud by the featured rapper Mic Righteous on Monday afternoon. The producer of the track Naughty Boy urged the fans that had pretty much lost their minds to ‘just wait for the real one you won’t be disappointed’, insisting the leak had nothing to do with him or Zayn.

But anyway, let’s forget the bad news and talk about Zayn instead (you know we love doing that). And if you’re feeling glum about having to wait for the track to be properly released then chin up, we’ve found a a silver lining to your impatient cloud!

The 22-year-old has uploaded numerous solo covers to YouTube over the years, and guess what?! We’ve only gone and dug up these precious Malik archives to give you a taste of whats to come!

Here he is with a cover of Ne-Yo‘s Let Me Love You, which was posted in 2010 and has now racked up 4 million hits. We’re not surprised, it really is something to behold.


He covered Taylor Swift, we repeat HE COVERED TAYLOR SWIFT! Zayn‘s version of You Belong With Me certainly has a peculiar effect on fans, with comments such as ‘his voice sounds like angels descending from heaven to kiss your ear drums’…we probably agree…

Although it’s not the best quality (sob), Zayn‘s cover of Ne-Yo‘s So Sick which was posted in 2012 is still very enjoyable. We can’t even imagine how enjoyable this would have been in full quality, it hurts our heads.

A definite Ne-Yo fan, this acapella cover of Part Of The List was posted in 2010.

Try to look past the bad quality, it’s a Chris Brown cover! And it seems one fan had already noticed solo potential, commenting ‘I wish Zayn would go solo man I love 1D but I feel like he has so much more potential he can do so much better’.

Thank-you YouTube, you have more than fulfilled your duties today.

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Alice Perry