So, exactly WHAT is it like to date Zayn Malik?!


The universal question, puzzling generations upon generations.

(Okay, lets not get too dramatic. We’ve probably had a bit of a think about it maybe once or twice).

Exactly what is being in a relationship with the allusive Zayn Malik like?!

We’ve heard Gigi’s side of things (pretty darn great), we’ve heard Perrie Edwards‘ side of things (pretty not-so-great, if Shout Out To My Ex is anything to go by).

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However, one person who *hasn’t* had her say on the matter is former X Factor contestant Rebecca Ferguson.

Okay, for all those scratching their heads over this one, cast ‘ya minds back to the 2010 X Factor…

*Nostalgic music begins playing- specifically something Matt Cardle, because he won the competition that year and all that*.

So, it’s 2010. The One Direction ‘fella’s are just a lil’ baby-faced-boyband on The X Factor, where Zayn meets fellow contestant Rebecca Ferguson. Rebecca and Zayn then begin a brief but acknowledgeable romance together, which is never really spoken of again…


Yup, Rebecca has finally lifted the lid on her experience with Zayn- and, if we’re really honest, it doesn’t seem like she cares. At all.

Taking to Twitter, Rebecca has slammed all the attempts of getting her to speak about Zayn- having shared ‘Stop asking me questions about Zayn in interviews why would I open up about a relationship not fling relationship that happened years ago?’. 

She then added, ‘Rebecca opens up? I couldn’t care less it’s the most boring subject to me I’m like I’m busy promoting an album and raising 3 kids’. 

And, to be fair to the pair, they only dated for four months.

In fact, just last week Rebecca had shared with Ok! magazine that she and Zayn were no longer in contact, but it was no biggie.

Rebecca explains, ‘I don’t speak to him but his girlfriend is beautiful and I wish him well. We went through an experience together that was life-changing’.

So there you have it, folks. We can practically say we’ve dated Zayn ourselves, right?!

Alice Perry