Victoria Beckham singing Wannabe in 2016? We REALLY want this to be true!

It’s a good day – no sorry, an AMAZING day – when you hear news that  nineties group Spice Girls could potentially be reuniting.

Yes, yes- You DID read that right. Geri HalliwellEmma BuntonMel B, Mel C and Victoria Beckham may join-up next year to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut hit, Wannabe. (20 years? Where on earth did that time go?)

It’s OK- get up, jump around in joy, fist pump the air. Just do whatever you need to do to release that crazy amount of excitement that’s bubbling up inside you. While you’re at it…check out these then and now snaps of the five gorgeous girls.

It was Emma AKA Baby Spice who hinted at a come back, revealing that she’d recently met up with band mates Geri and Mel B.

‘We love each other and we love performing together,’ said 39-year-old Emma.

‘It’s just when the timing is right because we all have our own careers now and we have families, it’s just about getting five schedules together and that’s all it is,’ she added.

C’mon ladies, sort it out!

Emma also admitted that ‘there’s lots’ of unreleased Spice Girl music which is yet to be heard.

Seriously, this blimmin’ brilliant news is just too much to take in one day.

Lucy from the Now office, was actually jumping-for-joy! In fact, upon hearing this information, it became one of those put-down-your-cuppa moments.

‘Since they hit the charts in 1996 with THAT smash-hit, Wannabe, the Spice Girls were my absolute idols,’ Lucy says. ‘I may have been only 6-years-old but I have vivid memories of busting out some serious moves in the living room whilst wearing my mum’s heels. Oh, how I dreamed of one-day owning a pair of classic Spice Girl platforms.

‘Spice Girls books, videos and cassettes adorned my shelves and my sticker books and notepads were filled with Spice Girls stickers. I actually recall even buying Spice Girls lollipops and quite literally cherishing the wrappers.

‘Unfortunately my walls remained a Spice Girl poster-free zone…mum was always adamant that blu-tac took the paint off…

From playing the Spice Girls game in the school playground to bawling my eyes out when my overly-precious Spice World cassette was wrecked by my stupid walkman; I was OBSESSED.
My parents latched onto this obsession and quite often used the lines, ‘Posh Spice eats her broccoli’, or ‘Ginger Spice loves that food,’ to persuade me against having temper tantrums at the dinner table.’

The globally renowned Spice Girls sold more than 60 million albums and achieved nine number one singles, a hefty achievement back then, when the internet barely existed, iTunes was unheard of and as for social media? Erm, what?

Anyhoo, here’s to hoping that 2016 brings with it some much anticipated new Spice Girls music. Is it New Year yet?

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