Big Brother star claims he suffered 'horrific' abuse

Ziggy Lichman has launched a scathing attack on ex-girlfriend Chanelle Hayes, describing her as a ‘Jekyll and Hyde character’ who was violent and abusive towards him.

The Big Brother heartthrob – who insists he broke up with Chanelle despite her claim she dumped him – says the 20-year-old student regularly insulted him and his family.

‘She hates my sister,’ he reveals. ‘She calls her a “fat bitch” and says things like, “I hope she dies.” It’s horrific.’

And Ziggy, 26, alleges Chanelle attacked him on more than one occasion, leaving him with visible injuries.

‘She was violent,’ he alleges. ‘I know it sounds crazy that a woman would raise her hands to a man, but she is like an animal when she goes. It’s frightening.’

The former boyband star is fearful that Chanelle, who he believes is ‘a manipulative liar’ may accuse him being violent towards her.

‘I’m scared of what she’ll do and say,’ says Ziggy.

‘But I have never laid a finger on a woman in my life and I never will. If she says that, I will sue.’