Big Brother love rat lifts the lid on their sex life

Ziggy Lichman says that ex-girlfriend Chanelle Hayes loves aggressive sex – and claims he often left the bedroom pouring with blood from being scratched.

The Big Brother hunk – who split from Chanelle last week – admits he couldn’t keep up with her wild fantasies and kinky demands during their turbulent relationship.

‘One night we were in the middle of sex and she said, “Hit me in the face,”’ he reveals.

‘I refused. I would never hit any woman, let alone while having sex with her.’

But Ziggy, 26, alleges Chanelle adored sadomasochistic games.

‘She seemed to get off on the pain and shock reactions,’ he tells the News Of The World.

‘I walked away from sex sessions battered and bruised. My back would be ripped to pieces by her scratching.’

Meanwhile Chanelle, 20, has hit back at Ziggy, branding him a ‘kiss-and-tell rat’ for talking to the Sunday tabloid.

She says that if he needed the money that badly, she would have given it to him herself.

Let the battle commence.

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Alison Adey