Which other celebs has the boybander been kissing?


It’s the kiss that’s caused controversy all over the country.

And it seems the media storm around married Zoe Ball’s drunken snog with hunky boyband member, TayTay Starhz, 22, won’t be slowing down anytime soon.


Zoe, 45, who married DJ Fatboy Slim in 1999, dismissed their drunken snog as meaningless, with her rep stating: ‘[It] was nothing more than a silly moment at a Christmas party that meant absolutely nothing.’ However, the Franklin Lake singer has revealed exclusively to Now, that reality shows are now desperate to snap him up.

‘What’s happened is crazy,’ TayTay tells us, as he’s since had photographers setting up camp outside his home. ‘I’m now being contacted by so many people, including producers for certain reality TV shows.’

And with the latest Celebrity Big Brother set to start on January 5th, with rumoured housemates including Spencer Matthews and Scott Disick, we think the singer could be a great addition to the show.

When asked if Zoe was the first star he’d found himself getting intimate with, TayTay, who openly came out as bisexual on Saturday amid the scandal, tells us: ‘I’m not going to comment on this, I’ll leave that to you [laughs]! You can say this though… she was the first celebrity girl I’ve kissed and been papped with. ‘

Sadly though, it seems the singer won’t be taking any of the shows up on their offers, adding: ‘People are saying I’m fame hungry and I’ve sold the story myself, I haven’t. I don’t want to be known as a celebrity kiss and tell or as a home wrecker – I want to be known as a credible musician. I’m not interested in reality TV, that’s why we’ve never been on the X Factor. We’ve built our fanbase up ourselves.’

We guess that’s that, then?

Check out TayTay with band Franklin Lake below: