The friends are said to have fallen out over the coveted BBC Radio 2 breakfast show job

Zoe Ball and Sara Cox have gone from being partying ladettes to career-driven women and have been through pretty much everything together over the past two decades.

But it’s now been reported that they’ve been ripped apart by the very thing that brought them together.

Last year they were both in the running to replace Chris Evans on the BBC Radio 2 breakfast show – with Zoe, 48, coming out on top.

It’s never easy going up against a pal, and a well-placed source tells Now: ‘Sara was gutted. There’s always been a healthy rivalry between her and Zoe, but she really hoped she had this one.’


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Throughout their 20 years of friendship – during which they were even bridesmaids for each other – it’s fair to say Sara, 44, has always been one step behind Zoe.

Two years after Zoe landed The Big Breakfast job in 1996, Sara became her replacement when she moved on.

Again, after Zoe had made her mark hosting the BBC Radio 1 breakfast show, Sara took over in 2000.

Addressing the rumours of a feud last week, Sara, who has since taken over the Drivetime show, insisted it was ‘a load of monkeys’ and Zoe said: ‘We spoke a lot during the process.’

However, hinting at the current state of their friendship, she added, ‘We don’t see each other a huge amount anymore.’

But this isn’t the first we have  heard of a rumoured fallout between the women.

Speaking just four years, ago, Sara explained: ‘We lost touch. It is a bit sad but she’s down in Brighton with a family of her own, too.’

Mum-of-two Zoe swapped Brighton for the countryside last year, following her divorce from DJ Norman Cook and boyfriend Billy Yates’ tragic suicide.

Meanwhile Sara lives in north London with her three children and husband Ben Cyzer.

We’re told both Zoe and Sara hope to work things out, with our insider adding: ‘They both know there’s too much history between them to throw it all away. This is a friendship that’s outlasted marriages and they’ve always been there for one another emotionally.’

Come on, ladies! The radio industry is more than big enough for the both of you.