The YouTube superstars dropped in to Madame Tussauds to check on the progress of their waxy faces

In the world of the rich and famous, there are various ways to tell when you’ve ‘made it’ – being romantically linked to Taylor Swift or Harry Styles is one, being able to buy a swanky car in cash is another, and having your very own waxwork is definitely on the list.

And whilst YouTube stars Zoe Suggs – AKA Zoella – and her boyfriend Alfie Deyes may not be able to tick numbers one and two off that list, they can happily cross off number three, as Madame Tussauds are currently working on waxworks of the too-cute pair.

Zalfie, as the couple are known, dropped in to check on the progress of their waxy selves in Brighton yesterday, where they came face-to-face with perfect clay sculptures of their heads (which we’re sure wasn’t creepy in the slightest).

The pair had some fun trying their hands at putting some finishing touches to the clays, which will be used to make the wax moulds for their figures, scheduled to be unveiled at Madame Tussauds in London this autumn.

Both Zoe and Alfie were amazed with the progress so far, commenting: ‘It’s so exciting to see the clay sculptures – we can’t wait to meet our finished wax doubles.’

And it wasn’t long before they took to Twitter to share their excitement, too.

Zoella tweeted: ‘Have just seen my clay head for IT WAS SO COOL AND SURREAL! It’s so interesting to see how it’s all done.’

The session even caused Alfie to post that day’s vlog late, telling his Twitter followers: ‘Sorry that the vlogs late! Im with my wax head haha.’

The figures will be featured in a special YouTube area at Madame Tussauds London, portrayed as their fans are used to seeing them – lounging on the bed in their spare bedroom uploading content to their ridiculously popular channels.

Congrats, guys – you’ve officially made it!

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