YouTube superstar Zoella opens up about her anxiety struggles and the pressures of fame


Her online fame and huge successes may make her an inspiration to millions.

But YouTube superstar Zoella, 25, is keen to point out her life isn’t as perfect as some may assume.

Opening up to Seventeen during their October social issue, Zoella, real name Zoe Sugg, revealed: ‘A lot of young people look at me and think, “She has the perfect life: She’s got the boyfriend, the house, the dog, the book, the successful YouTube channel,” Not everything is perfect… Sometimes I have days where I don’t want to leave my bed, or I’ll have multiple panic attacks.’

The internet sensation also opened up about how her unlikely rise to fame has left her battling her anxiety more than ever.

‘When I came to YouTube, it was comforting to sit and make video diaries,’ she revealed. ‘It wasn’t that scary. It was only when things started happening. “You’ve been invited to an event in London – hop on the train!” That’s definitely out of my comfort zone.

‘Sometimes I’m really confident… When it comes to picking up an award in front of 9,000 people, I’m like [snaps], I can do that. But the Zoe part of me is like, “Trains are scary!” It’s as if I have two different sides.’

In the past 12 months, Zoe’s life has changed more than ever as she made the step from online blogger to a celebrity in her own right.

Her beauty ranges exclusively for Superdrug sold out instantly, her debut novel Girl Online instantly became a best seller and her touring commitments have all equated to her brand raking in over £10,000 a day.

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