See the terrifying moment a 'killer' seagull swoops dangerously low to YouTube star Zoella


Britain is currently facing an influx of ‘killer’ seagulls.

And as our country’s leading seagull expert Peter Rock warns their population has ‘quadrupled’ in recent times, things are only going to get worse.

YouTuber Zoella narrowly avoided a potentially fatal attack on her tiny dog Nala after one swooped dangerously low to the pair while walking on the Brighton sea front in a recent video.

‘We’ve come out for a little walk along the beach,’ the 25-year-old star explained in her video blog. ‘I miss being by the sea as much. [Nala] thinks she can get the seagulls.’

Where as the feral beasts used to live predominantly out at sea and survive mainly on fish, this isn’t the case any more.

They’re gradually coming more and more inland, leaving bloodied paths of destruction as they eat family pets and attack defenseless pensioners.

This summer alone they’ve pecked two small dogs to death in Cornwall, and left an elderly lady bleeding from the head after another savage attack nearby.

The Daily Star also reported how ‘psycho seagulls are keeping out illegals’ after they’ve started swooping into migrant camps in Calais too.

Another brutal attack saw a dearly beloved family pet in Liskeard killed.

The devastated owner of 20-year-old Stig the tortoise, Jan Byrne, spoke of the incident: ‘It was like a bloody scene from a horror movie. I found Stig upside down with blood pouring from his wounds. He’d been flipped over by the seagull, his underbelly had been pecked and he was bleeding profusely… It was as if the seagull was treating him like a crab – targeting the softer underside and his tail and his eyes.’

While David Cameron has stated a ‘big conversation’ needs to happen to tackle the problem, Simon Cowell is going to extreme measures to protect his adorable dogs.

‘There is a seagull problem in this country right now,’ he warned all of Wembley arena as they left a recent X Factor recording. ‘I am getting a crash helment designed for my dogs.’

We don’t blame you, Si.