On Friday (August 30), Zoe Sugg (Zoella) streamed a live video of her getting a smear test to raise awareness about cervical cancer.

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The popular vlogger, who is also the older sister of Strictly’s Joe Sugg, shared a message about the importance of going for smear tests with her 4.8m YouTube followers.

In a first for the famous YouTuber, Zoe streamed her appointment at Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust to highlight how essential and easy getting a smear test really is.

She began the session by asking her nurse questions that recently flooded in from her Instagram followers, including topics ranging from the size of speculums to the HPV vaccine.

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So today I brought cameras into my cervical screening (definitely not something I ever thought I’d film), but after meeting with @joscervicalcancertrust at the beginning of the year, I knew it was something I wanted to do to help try and increase the number of people booking in for their tests as the number had declined dramatically. It’s something that is so important to keep regularly checking, and if there is any way to reassure, educate & encourage others to book their tests, I hope filming it and asking the lovely nurse Jenny all your questions does just that! Will be editing the video for both IGTV & my Zoe Sugg channel so keep your eyes peeled! We also did a little sit down with all the girls in the office where we had all the vagina chat! 🙌🏼. . . P.s. I have a lot of scheduled posts with my shorter hair, so don’t panic when you notice some pictures don’t have the extensions in them haha

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One reason the 29-year-old decided to stream her appointment and raise awareness with her young female followers is that many of us don’t go in for smear tests.

According to the NHS, one in three women don’t attend cervical screening because of ‘embarrassment’.


The relatable star also revealed in the video that she was afraid of ‘getting her vagina out in front of a stranger’.

We hear ya Zoe!

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Thanks for all your wonderful comments on yesterday’s post! I also love that so many of you opened up and shared your own struggles and the changes you’ve made in your lives too & interacting with each other and reminding others that they’re not alone. The community aspect of social media is without a doubt my FAVOURITE bit. People from all over the world, with such different backgrounds & stories being able to come together to chat about absolutely anything is so amazing 🧡 I’ve just finished up the final edits of my smear test videos for both YouTube and IGTV so those should be going up later today 👍🏼 Now I’m off to film some more & sort out lunch! Hope you’re all having a good day x

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The YouTube star also addressed the question how smear tests happen and at what age women begin going for appointments.

The nurse tells Zoe that when you hit 24.5 years, the NHS sends an invite letter to women in preparation for when they hit 25.

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Fans have been quick to praise Zoe on her candid video, with one viewer commenting: ‘This is so so great honestly thank you for sharing this with us and for all women to be more encouraged to go to their smear test it’s honestly so important! 💖 thank you zoe.’

Another wrote: ‘This was such a good idea ♥️ this will really help other females to not be afraid ♥️ thank you Zoe ♥️,’ while a third added: ‘It’s amazing that you are willing to do stuff like this ♡’

Watch the smear test video here.

The 29-year-old has previously spoken about the importance of smear tests on social media.

Back in 2016 when she went for her first smear test, she told her Twitter followers: ‘Just had my first smear. NGL, I was very nervous but it was honestly absolutely fine!

‘If you need to book one, let this be your reminder.’

You heard the woman! Make sure you turn up for your smear tests…