NB: *OK, half of the facts are made up – but can you spot them?

29 April 2011 is marked in all our diaries. Not only is it a bank holiday (woo!) it’s the day when Prince William is set to marry his sweetheart, Kate Middleton, at Westminster Abbey. It’s the most eagerly awaited wedding since Katie Price married her Prince Charming Alex Reid – what do you mean they’ve split? Already? Shame.

With such a fairytale love story, it’s no surprise that millions of royal-watchers worldwide are eager to learn every tiny detail about Waity Katie, the ‘commoner’ who stole the heart of our Wills. So we studied official royal documents, interviewed close personal friends of the couple, and surfed the web (mostly the web, to be fair) to bring you these nuggets of knowledge.

A quick warning before you start. If you can’t tell the facts from the fiction, you won’t be invited to the wedding. And you won’t get the bank holiday off either. That’s how Kate and Big Willie roll…

1) Kate‘s nickname at school was Special K.
2) Kate attended the £29,000-a-year Marlborough College. Fellow Old Malburians include PM’s wife Samantha Cameron and Lady In Red singer Chris De Burgh.
3) Kate and William have discussed children’s names. Their favourite names are Michael for a boy, and Charlotte for a girl.
4) Kate wants to gain weight for the wedding.
5) Her wedding dress is being designed by Victoria Beckham.
6) Kate was born on 9 January 1982. She’s a Capricorn – he’s a Cancer.
7) She has a brother called James, and a sister called Pippa.
8) Kate had a very brief fling with Darius Danesh before she went out with Prince William.
9) She used to work for the clothing chain Jigsaw.
10) Kate has a phobia of coins. Even though her future gran-in-law is on them!

2, 4, 6, 7 and 9 are FACTS.
1, 3, 5, 8 and 10 are FALSE.

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