What it is about that place - we just can't get enough! Our bank balance thinks otherwise, though!


We all do it.  A bit bored at your desk so you’ll just have a quick look on Asos … you can’t miss out on anything!  Must. Know. What’s. New.  £120 later you’ve bought 3 things you just had to have, added about £500’s worth of goodies to your saved list and can’t stop thinking about that leather jacket you totally need for next season.  But we just can’t help ourselves.

Here’s what we all go through when hitting that site…

1. I haven’t been on for a day – what have I missed?! If it’s the latest must-have, it’ll definitely sell out and then I will kick myself.

2. I’ll just have a quick look at the ‘New In’ section …

3. Ooh, what other colours does that come in? I may need it in every colour. Oh yes, black is essential, I mean it’s classic. I can wear it to work or drinks with the girls … *add to bag in all 3 colours*.

4. Ooh I like that … *view catwalk*. One more catwalk … yup that’ll work.

5. Ooh, I want that. No. I NEED that! Please have my size, please have my size, please have my size …

6. It’s not available in my size. Why?! WHY?! Why did this happen?! Why did I not look earlier? Ugh.

7. Ok. I’ll just save for later in size 2 … it might come back into stock in my size. It’ll totally come back into stock. Must. Be. Patient. GAH!

8. Save for later … save for later … hmm, save for later, I could wear that to that birthday party next week. Oooh! ADD TO BAG!

9.  Can I afford all of this? No. Buy it anyway? Yeah! I’ll just not have lunch this week.

10. I hope my parcel gets delivered before lunchtime so if anything doesn’t fit I can re-order in another size. Oh I love next day delivery. ASOS is such a lifesaver.

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Laura Puddy