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OK, I know she’s 70. I also know she’s a soap legend.

But there is no doubt that the woman previously mainly known as Corrie‘s Bet Lynch is fast becoming one of Celebrity Big Brother‘s biggest ever bitches.

She’s appallingly two-faced, blatantly backstabbing and virtually always miserable.

I don’t approve of her behaviour. However, I do find her absolutely captivating to watch.


They’ve done it! Not since Alexandra Burke has an X Factor winner managed to release a catchy, current and, most importantly, chart-topping single.

But Little Mix – four lovely young women (Jesy, Perrie, Leigh-Anne and Jade)
who I decided to back when I first met them as a band this time last
year – will do just that on Sunday, when their new single Wings is set
to enter the charts at No 1.

While X Factor is having some
problems getting the tone right this year (not to mention the fact that
less than two million of us are watching), it is promising that
winning the show doesn’t always mean becoming an instant music flop.


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