Mix together Kim's diva behaviour and Kanye's ego and you could create a mini demon

I’m totally obsessed with Kimye.

I love Kanye West‘s music – even if he is the king of arrogance (remember that Taylor Swift/MTV Awards incident? Yeah).

And I’m also fixated (for all the wrong reasons – like everyone else is, too), with the Kardashian family.

I love, love, love Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Even if I do seem to usually watch the episodes in the wrong order and get confused over who Kim is actually dating and when (Kris? Kanye? Someone else beginning with a K?)

So a Kanye West and Kim Kardashian baby? AMAZING.

The pair have been happily dating for nine months and Kim announced on Sunday that’s she’s expecting their first child. YIPPEE!

Why am I so pleased? Well, apart from loving a celebrity pregnancy (I can’t wait to see Kim‘s bum-of-wonder get even bigger along with her belly), this kid is going to be a spoiled little demon.

Kim‘s a socialite and the queen of shopping (just watch her show if you don’t believe me).

And Kanye has a bad-ass attitude that he only gets away with because he makes amazing records.

Can you IMAGINE the result from a mix of their DNA?

The child will definitely be short (Kim is an eeny 5’1″, and Kanye is a relatively diddy 5’8″).

And who’s betting the kid gets named something beginning with K (PLEASE DO IT, GUYS)? Perhaps the pair will try to keep things a bit more klassy, but I’m hoping and wishing.

With Kim‘s diva ways and Kanye‘s ego, I think said baby could be potentially satanic.

And I am so excited to watch the little brat grow up.

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