Anyone with big boobs will understand the struggles...

1. Fabrics with stretch are always your friend – especially when you want that dream dress to fit over your chest!

2. A decent strapless bra that actually offers support is the hardest thing to find.

3. Shirts gaping – so annoying! But there are only two solutions: wear a vest underneath (yuck) or avoid them altogether.

4. The bikini dilemma. No, we don’t want to have horrendous tan lines because our bust needs support. Yes, we need to buy a different size top to bottom.

5. Sunbathing on your front – uncomfy yet necessary.

6. When you get asked ‘why don’t you get your boobs out more?!’ Um, because I don’t want to be gawped at! Just because I have big boobs doesn’t mean I am going to show them off!

7. Sometimes you need to wear 2 sports bras to avoid the jiggle when at the gym … and even then you would consider wearing a third for more support.

8. Constantly being told how much your big boobs are envied – they’re a blessing and a curse people! You deal with avoiding the four-boob effect All. The. Time.

9. Being unable to wear backless dresses (those stick-on bras are worse than useless if you’re over a B cup).

10. Going braless is not an option. Ever.

11. Just because we have a G cup bust does not mean we can only wear frumpy bras – we love pretty underwear too!

12. But yes, sometimes we like to wear full-cup granny style bras because they’re actually really comfy.

13. Spending more on bras because you have big boobs.

14. Being told you can’t wear polo necks, high necks or anything that’s not a scoop or v-neck. Pur-lease. With correct-fitting underwear you can wear what you want!

15. No, we don’t find it funny when people give our boobs a nickname – ‘the twins’ is right up there on the cringe list.

16. No, we’re not trying to seduce you if we squeeze past you – our boobs get in the way!

17. And know smock tops are not flattering. But do we want to wear them? Yes!

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 Laura Puddy