Whether you're hungover, feeling needy or just swiping for some evening LOLz, these are definitely the thoughts you probably have shared with Now's Sarah Bradbury on Tinder

Tinder. It’s a wonderful thing.

James Franco‘s been seen on it, Ed Sheeran was offered the first verified account and even MIC boi’s Jamie Laing and Sam Thompson have made an appearance. Sadly we still haven’t matched with any of them but there’s still time!

But it is an emotional rollercoaster and sometimes a deeply confusing experience.

Here’s 21 emotions we’ve experienced when swiping….

1. Oh god! Which one are you? I still can’t make it out even though I’m four photos in! What if you’re the shorter one on the right? I really hope you’re the one second from the end on the left.

2. Cute dog! I think I like it more than you though, awks.

3. Is that your sister? Your ex? A friend? She’s really pretty… Oh please be the first or latter – we can’t compete with the middle!

4. Hummm… You’re kind of cute. Would I talk to you in a bar? Would I talk to you drunk in a bar? What if I squint? Now? Hummmm.

5. OH NO! I swiped too fast and now I can’t go back and I really think you might have been the one and I’m not paying for the upgrade!

6. Okay, how do we have mutual friends? Have we met? Did we make eyes at a party that time? I wonder if you’re asking them about me like I’m contemplating asking them about you.

7. OH GOD I DID IT AGAIN! Goodbye the one! For the 0.25834 seconds I saw you, we really could have got along.

8. Yeah, he’s alright. I’ll swipe right… Wait, you don’t like me back?! But I think you’re punching!

9. YAYYY! It’s a match! Okay, play it cool. Do I say a cheeky ‘would you rather’ or wait for them?! How hot really is he?!

10. Oh… Your pictures are quite ‘laddy’ aren’t that? Is that… Napa?! Yikes!

11.  Posing with a car… Not going to happen!


13. Oh a topless pic… Original…

14. You know a member or have met a member of One Direction? We’d rather have One Direction – no matter what the age gap is!


16. The mirror selfie – it’s not always okay for girls to do it, let alone guys. Even if that’s a new shirt and you had a really good leg day!

17. Oh this topless picture we don’t actually mind… Hellooooo!

18. The bio – congratulations we’ve actually liked your first picture enough to spend another 3-4 mins looking through the others and potentially reading what you think about yourself but all we really want to know is your height.

19. OH NO! I accidentally swiped right but meant left and it’s a match! BLOCK! Sorry! You’re probably really nice!

20. No picture at all – WHAT IF YOU’RE THE ONE!!!!

21. It’s been an hour of Tindering, matched and started to make small talk, you’ve asked for sex and that’s the end of that conversation. Good. Bye.


Sarah Bradbury