Welcome to my weekly baby blog where you can read everything about my second pregnancy – from bump to birth!

OMG! I can’t believe Kim Kardashian beat me to it!

She was meant to give
birth after me – I’ve still got two
weeks to go and her baby was 2lb lighter than mine.

My baby is huge. It’s 7½lb and I’ve even had contractions. Thank goodness it was a false alarm.

The baby’s head is engaged now and so it could come any day.

I’m booked in for a Caesarean because the baby is so big and, after my nightmare pregnancy with my first child Bobby, I don’t want to go through that again.

But I’d love to give birth naturally and if I went into labour early then I would.

My baby is very active, much more than Bobby.

It’s so funny – I can see elbows poking out of my stomach all the time. We’ve packed my baby bag with gorgeous Baby-gros, nappies, wet wipes, blankets and some new pyjamas for me.

We’ve got the baby clothes down from the loft, washed them all and hung them up in the baby’s nursery and even bought Bobby a ‘pressie from the new baby’ – we got him the new Playmobil dinosaur range – so he won’t feel left out when the new baby arrives.

Right, I’m off to chill out in the garden with Bobby and have a Cornetto – ice creams are my biggest craving so I’ve been filling my trolley up!

Until next week,

Jen x

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