It's Benedict Cumberbatch's 37th birthday - from his love of naked scenes to his dazzling eyes, here's 37 reasons we heart him

He’s quirky, he’s hot, and he turns 37 today.
So to celebrate his birthday, here’s 37 REASONS why we love Benedict Cumberbatch

1.He’s hot, but not in a traditional way. No one wants a man who looks like a catalogue model. Give us Benedict any day.

2. His eyes. So intense, it’s like their burning into your soul …Phwoar.

3. He can make a deerstalker look sexy

4. His mouth. I’m drooling just thinking about it.

5. His voice. So rich, so low, so freaking sexy.

6. Those cheekbones. So sharp and completely swoonsome.

7. He’s not afraid to get his kit off. Hooray! (Have you seen that deletedshower scene from Star Trek?)

8. He plays clever characters. So wtching him makes us feel clever.

9. He’s a good actor. From Sherlock to Khan, he always steals the show

10. He’s just been nominated for an Emmy – and we love a man with a big schlong, sorry, gong.

11. He’s a secret geek – from loving Star Trek to teasing crowds at ComicCon about how Sherlock survived the fall from the roof

12. He’s good friends with the equally hot Tom Hardy

13. …And James McAvoy

14. One of his earliest theatre reviews was for playing Bottom in A Midsummer’s Night Dream. It read ‘Cumberbatch’s ‘Bottom’ will be long remembered’. We certainly concur …and we don’t mean the role.

15. He can do impressions. His Alan Rickman was so good The Simpsons asked him to do it on their show.

16. Hooray! He believes in relationships! He dated his first serious girlfriend Olivia for 12 years.

17. He’s brave – he survived a car-jacking in South Africa in 2005, in which he barely escaped with his life.

18. He loves his Cumberbitches. On Graham Norton he hugged and kissed all the fans in the audience.

19. He once taught English at a Tibetan monastery during his gap year. Now that beats working in Tesco!

20. His name. Only he can carry that off and still be that sexy!

21. He was a genuinely nice bloke when I interviewed him and…

22. I practically needed a cold shower afterwards

23. He looks good in an Army uniform (in WarHorse) …

24. …But even better in his Star Trek get up.

25. He’s a softie! He hired Una Stubbs to play Sherlock‘s landlady because she’s his mum’s best friend in real life

26. He can morph effortlessly from role to role (one minute he’s a blonde spy in highbrow Tinker Taylor Solder Spy, the next a hostage negotiator in dark comedy 4 Lions)

27. His mum, Wanda, was in Only Fools And Horses. She played Pamela, Cassandra’s mum. A-maze

28. He does loads for charity, including The Prince’s Trust, which helps disadvantaged young people. We likey.

29. Benedict‘s not afraid to voice his opinions – he called Downton Abbey ‘sentimental, clichéd and ‘f****** atrocious’ – teehee!

30. He’s modest. He says I’m not that confident in social situations – just going up to someone in a bar and saying hi is even more difficult for me..’ Aww, you could come up to us in a bar anytime!

31. His hair. We just love that swoosh little quiff he does. 

32. He carries a hankerchief in his suit pocket. How very dapper.

33. He doesn’t believe he’s good-looking. Does he not own a mirror?

34. He’s patriotic. He says: ‘I love London. Culturally it’s where my heart and soul are, as well as my roots.’ Aww. We all love a bit of Cool Britannia.

35. He secretly loves The Hoff! He says his favourite shows as a child were Knight Rider and Baywatch.

36.Benedict is broody! He says: ‘‘I would love to have children. Everyone wants to know when I’m going to settle down and who is going to be Mrs Cumberbatch. I can’t wait to do an interview like this and just talk about my child.’ Aww! My ovaries are almost aching!

37. And finally, he’s just super duper scrummy-licious super hot. Like hotter than this weather today …

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