She's the YouTube star inspiring her millions of fans daily, so why do people have it in for Zoella?

Whether you follow her life online or not, there’s simply no escaping YouTube phenomenon Zoella.

She’s the wide-eyed smiley internet star smashing records with her debut novel Girl Online, but sadly not everybody is happy with Zoe, 24, stepping into the celebrity spotlight.

With a growing list of high-profile haters, Zoe has become the latest villain victimised by trolls – and does she deserve it? No.

Zoe has been forced to take a break from the internet ‘for a few days’ because it’s ‘clouding up’ her brain after she felt the backlash of anger from fans after she admitted she had enlisted the help of a ghostwriter on her first novel Girl Online.

Why are people trying to bring her down?

Here are my top five reasons why I feel we should leave Zoella alone…

1. Ghostwriter? Who cares!

Although some label Zoe’s decision to use a ghostwriter for Girl Online misleading, it hardly warrants the witch-hunt it’s welcomed.

She may not have physically typed out all 80,000 words herself, but it was her story and vision she brought to life every step of the way with the woman who did.

2. A deserving role model

While most stars litter their lives with partying, surely we should support Zoe’s ability to project positivity and inspire her audience, rather than mock it like some have opted to do?

Zoella’s ‘Little Ways To Change Your Life’ video offering tips to improve your lifestyle including healthy eating and yoga has had almost 3 million views.

3. Charity ambassador

People may mock the ‘perfect life’ Zoe paints online, but if you dig a little deeper you’ll see this is far from the truth.

Zoe has openly shared her own struggles and experiences with anxiety to her audience – so much so she was recently announced as an ambassador for mental health charity Mind to continue raising awareness.

‘I am passionate about the need for everyone to feel OK to speak out, to talk to friends and family about what they’re going through, to ask for help,’ she explained when her role with the charity was announced.

4. Honest, harmless, fun

Would you rather have your children watch Zoe talk about shampoo or a topless Miley Cyrus twerk her way around a nightclub? You might not understand Zoe’s brand, but that doesn’t make it OK for you to knock it.

5. She didn’t ask for any of this

While many celebrities crave fame and fortune and love the scandal that comes with it, Zoe’s success has simply spawned from sitting in her bedroom making videos for fun.

Unknowingly through her hobby she’s built an audience, and that audience has enabled her to carve a career – and obviously with that career comes opportunities.

Opportunities she’d be stupid not to take.

So yes we could say she’s too nice, and yes we could knock her for not being immediately forthcoming about the specifics of her book – or we could simply celebrate the fact there’s a new breed of celebrity doing something different?

Watch Zoe share her tips for dealing with anxiety with Now readers


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