BLOG: Kanye West, the self-proclaimed greatest rock star in the world, announced his plans to run for President of the United States in 2020. Now's Thea de Gallier wonders what new laws he might bring in...


The thing about Kanye West is, you never know if his escapades are one big life’s mission to inflate his already gargantuan ego, or if he’s just having a laugh with us all. He even admits as much himself – he’s previously admitted that he ‘could be completely f*****g with you, and the world, the entire time’.

So was he for real when he declared at the MTV VMAs that he’d decided to run for President in the next U.S. Election in 2020? We just don’t know, but to be honest, we wouldn’t put it past him. We decided to help him write his manifesto…

1. He’d outlaw the #humblebrag

kanye west

The thing about the humblebrag is that it’s a brag, disguised as a self-deprecating moan. Kanye has no time for such modesty. This is the man who thinks people’s reluctance to compare themselves to Picasso is holding back humanity – if you find social media annoying now, you definitely won’t want to be part of it when Kanye’s in charge.

2. He’d update Mount Rushmore

kanye west

You know who’s probably looked at Mount Rushmore and thought, ‘what that needs, is a bit more Kanye’? Kanye. Who needs George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln staring down from the mountainside when you could have Kanye, the greatest living rock star on earth?

3. He’d invest in cloning technology

Kanye has previously spoken candidly about one of his biggest hardships – the fact he’ll never be able to watch himself play live. Obviously, the answer to this is a Kanye clone, who can stand dutifully in the audience while the real Kanye does his stuff. Hell, why even stop at two Kanyes?

4. He’d go into space

kanye west

If anyone’s going to be the first rapper in space, it’ll be Kanye. If he was leader of the United States, he’d also be the first President in space. And Kanye doesn’t seem like a guy who wouldn’t want to set two world records at once.

5. World peace would start with fashion

According to Kanye, bad taste is vulgar, and good design will save the world. So why waste time negotiating with world leaders when he could send them a nice new pair of Lanvin joggers instead?

6. Basically, everything would be a little bit more Kanye

kanye west

Oh, come on. It would still be better than Donald Trump.