Katie Price and Kieran Hayler plan to renew their vows – but there are a few issues we think she needs to consider

If reports are to be believed, Katie Price‘s long-planned vow renewal ceremony with husband Kieran Hayler is to take place this weekend.

But there are a few ostacles that I fear she needs to consider before her big day.

In fact, I’m not sure the pair’s THIRD marriage ceremony will even come off. Here are 7 reasons why:

1. Katie’s boob job has left her in agony

Katie Price‘s boobs have been talked about more in the past month than anyone else’s in the history of the world. After her seventh boob job went drastically wrong, Katie spent her time in the Celebrity Big Brother house in terrible pain, dosing up on painkillers and explaining how her implant was ‘hanging out on New Year’s Eve.’ Since leaving CBB, Price has had emergency corrective surgery – but will she really be bride-ready this weekend following such trauma? Or, more importantly, will her boobs be bride-ready?

2. Kieran’s bound to be fuming over Katie Hopkins’ ‘billionaire husband’ revelation

In an exclusive post-CBB chat with Now, Katie‘s former housemat Katie Hopkins revealed that Pricey told her she would have liked to have found a ‘billionaire husband’ as she doesn’t like the fact she ‘has to pay for everything’.

Hmm, we assume Kieran isn’t too happy about that one!

3. KP’s insecurities

It hasn’t even been a year since the allegations of Kieran‘s infidelity surfaced (he cheated with her two best friend Jane Pountney and Chrissy Thomas) and it doesn’t really sound like Katie is fully over the episode. On New Year’s Eve, KP sent out the public tweet: ‘Hopefully last time I mention them Jane Poutney & Chrissy Thomas to remind people they are the biggest w****s in the world and wish them a s**t life forever and no matter how sexy they tried to be they lost the pricey win again ;)’ Which was followed by, erm, Katie mentioning them continuously in the CBB house. Price reckons she’s forgiven Kieran, but we’re not too convinced. Can she go ahead with the renewal?

4. Speaking of pigs…

We’ve heard that Katie has invited her pet pigs, aptly named Jane and Chrissy, along to the wedding… they’re going to be the bridesmaids! And you know what they say: ‘You should never work with animals,’ especially if it’s your third wedding renewals to your third husband and they remind you of your husband’s mistresses… Or something like that. We mean, what if the pigs run amok during the ceremony? No one wants a wedding full of squealing, pig poop and half-eaten cake! Bad move KP, bad move.

5. It’s all spiralling out of control

When Katie and Kieran began planning this vow renewal lark, it was intended to be a small affair with close family and friends to quietly re-cement their love. Now, reports say the cost of the ceremony is up to £100k, the guest list is never-ending and there might even be an elaborate Frozen theme. We saw how reserved Pricey really is from her time in CBB, so is this really what she wants? Let It Go, Kate.

6. No wedding speech written

For the short few hours in the CBB house when Katie Hopkins and Katie Price looked like they could actually be FRIENDS, Hoppers agreed to write KP‘s renewal speech because the bride-to-be was struggling. Reckon Hopkins‘ll still be up for it? Errr, not since Pricey dubbed her a ‘disgusting human being’ and said she had the figure of Spongebob Squarepants. So will the speech even be ready?

If Katie and Kieran‘s ceremony does go ahead, we reckon it’ll be the wedding of the year. But until then, we’re a little worried…

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By Kim Gregory