Nothing and no one is safe from Jared Leto's #huggyj meme


One day, Jared Leto decided to hug a tree.

I wouldn’t say that’s out of character – in fact, it’s spot-on behaviour for a free-spirited, nature-loving vegan like Jared.

But the Internet has a collective mind of its own. Someone brilliant decided to cut out Jared‘s adorable huggy shape and the #huggyj meme was born.

Just like ‘unflattering Beyonce‘ and ‘Scarlett Johansson falling down’, soon the Internet was using Photoshop to make Jared hug all sorts of things – baby rabbits, hot air balloons and even Kanye West.

But unlike Beyonce, whose publicist tried to ban the bad photos from circulating the world, Jared‘s embraced the meme creation and regrammed his favourites onto his Instagram.

And then in Ibiza, Jared decided to jump off a cliff into the ocean – and the #jaredjumpingleto meme was born.

Jared‘s loving #jaredjumpingleto too – his devoted fans have made him jump rope, parasail through the air and hop across the Australian outback with a mob of kangaroos.

I think all celebs should adopt a similar outlook to memes – social media has allowed celebrities to interact with their fans with tweets and videos, so why not show your fans that you also have a sense of humour?

It’s free publicity and strengthens your brand. If you can’t stop the Internet, why not join them?

And if Jared Leto‘s encouraging the world to meme him into the meme-o-sphere, then I gladly accept his challenge – #huggyj needed a UK treatment!

Click through the gallery above to see the evolution of the #huggyj meme, from its humble origin to meeting Grumpy Cat.

And then that’s where the fun really starts – I’ve Photoshopped Jared onto some very familiar monuments and then decided he needed to meet some of our homegrown, British celebs too.