Because sadly, not everyone out there is 6ft 4in, writes 5ft 11in Sarah Bradbury

Charlize Theron and Sean Penn are a HAWT couple!

The loved-up duo appeared on the red carpet at the Mad Max: Fury Road premiere in Cannes and – as well as looking incredible in yellow (a colour that’s nororious to pull off) but her real-life leading man is shorter than her! Rejoice!

Standing at 5ft 11in myself, I often find it hard to find tall men that are interesting, attractive and don’t ask me ‘how’s the weather up there?’ (FYI, same weather you’re experiencing).

My mum always told me never to wear heels but, hey, if it’s okay for Charlize, then it’s okay for the rest of us, right?

Here are my 7 things only girls know when dating shorter guys:

1. We can only take coupley photos sitting down – otherwise, it’s going to look really odd and we’ll probably look like we’re babysitting them. Awks.

2. Everyone is the same length lying down – so it’s not all bad!

3. When short girls have a REALLY hot tall boyfriend. Two words: Not. Fair.

4. Holding hands in public can make things a bit awkward – you end up feeling a bit insecure and worry people are judging you.

5. You’re often really jealous of TV shows and films where girls can cry or snuggle into their boyfriends’ chest – this just doesn’t happen. Which leads me on to…

6. WEIRD HUGS – It just doesn’t feel right.

7. Kissing in public – No.

And actually, 7.5… Spooning. It’s like the big L trying to fit with the little one!

If you are a tall girl out there and none of the above bothers you because the bloke you’re seeing is the dream and it’s not a thing – then congratulations to you! To the Sophie Dahls and Jamie Cullums of this world – I salute you. You may have found the best of a short bunch.

Sarah Bradbury