No more Teenage Kicks! One Direction's Harry Styles is finally about to say goodbye to being a teen - which means we can FINALLY perv...

Oh, Harry Styles. We do love him so.

Few of us – bar Caroline Flack – would admit it when he was still 17.

And even for the last two years we’ve all been feeling a little bit wrong when we perved at his pictures.

But come SATURDAY we are all now FINALLY in the clear.

Yes, on Saturday, 1 February 2014 Harry turns 20 – and kisses goodbye to his teenage years forever.

Which means all us women that would qualify as cougars can relax. For the first time we can admit to our friends that we’re head over heels in lust with the tattooed curly-haired one without feeling that little bit dirty.

So why do we love him?

To misquote Shakes, let us count the ways…

1. Those skin-tight jeans

2. Those tight t-shirts

3. Those tatts. Okay some of them are bit rubbish, but they are still quite hot

4. His out-of-control curls

5. He gets to hang out with the Kardashians. Seriously, we would be ace on a reality show

6. He still loves his mum. We don’t want a mummy’s boy but his devotion to single mum Anne does pull on our heartstrings

7. The fact he’s like a younger, hotter Mick Jagger – and actually does look hot on the dancefloor

8. His nice, er, personality. Because, um, that’s what makes him beautiful… (honest)


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