Scott’s been a naughty boy after being pictured all over his ex Chloe Bartoli in Monaco last week while his girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian was back in LA with their three children...

Kourtney Kardashian has unceremoniously dumped Scott Disick after nine years together. Here’s 9 reasons why she’ll be better off without him.

1. He’s rumoured to cheat

Scott’s been a naughty boy after being pictured all over his ex Chloe Bartoli in Monaco last week while his fiancé Kourtney was back in LA with their three children.

The shameless star of E!s Keeping Up With the Kardashians paraded his rumoured new flame as they cosied up on sunloungers and also at dinner.

It’s not the first time Scott’s rumoured to have stepped out on Kourtney.

In the early days of their relationship Kourtney discovered secret text messages he had been sending to another women, and promptly dumped him. But Scott wormed his way back in, and not for the last time.

2. Think of the kids

While Scott was having the time of his life in Monaco with Chloe Bartoli – it was Kourtney that was left holding baby Reign, plus Penelope, two, and five-year-old Mason. It’s said that Scott has been on a month long bender away from his family – culminating in his shenanigans in Monaco.

3. His well known anger issues

Who can forget when Scott smashed the bathroom window of Kourtney’s condo in Miami after another drunken rage? The incident left him bloody and bruised. New mum Kourtney kicked him out – famously saying: ‘I love Mason more than I love you.’

4. He behaves like a baby himself

Scott humiliated himself when he stuffed a wad of dollar bills down a waiter’s mouth shouting ‘Shut the f*** up.’ The incident put him on the map worldwide – for all the wrong reasons.

5. He’s a bit like a spoilt brat

Money can’t buy you class – isn’t that right Scott? He bought himself a grand piano for his NY apartment to pose alongside it even though he didn’t know how to play it. He also walked around with a ridiculously expensive cane, because he needed a new ‘thing.’

6. He turns up drunk to personal appearances

Scott recently hit the headlines when was said to be drunk at a personal appearance in Montreal. He’s also been accused of turning up late, swearing in front of families, and suddenly cancelling some meet and greets in the UK earlier this year.

7. He’s the jealous type

When Kourtney spent time with a lady friend in the pool – Scott thought he could get one up on them by flashing them and revealing his tackle, saying: ‘I thought it was two for the price of one.’ Cringe!

8. He also tried to pinch Kendall and Kylie off Kris Jenner to manage them

Scott had his eye on the prize when he realised the Kardashian’s younger sisters would be such a commodity and boy was he on the money. Kris was onto him though and told him in no uncertain terms he was not getting his hands on her precious ‘10percent.’

9. He made himself a Lord when he visited London

On a trip to London he earned Lord status by knighting himself in an official ceremony – where they dubbed him ‘Lord of the Manor.’ With his new found status he then went shopping for OTT princely robes. Sounds like a right royal mess!

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