From matching your outfit with the furniture to dancing sitting down, here’s how to party Rihanna and Cara style…

Cara Delevingne and Rihanna are JUST like us. Oh yes, they too spent New Year’s Eve down the local pub, necking bottles of £7 fizzy wine, walking about with loo roll stuck to their heel and getting chatted up by men with crisps in their beards.

Right, that may have been a lie, but let us dream for a little, alright?

The girls actually bid farewell to 2013 in style with a dead fancy meal at RiRi‘s swanky New York apartment before heading to Jay-Z‘s 40/40 club to party with beautiful people who have probably never even stepped foot on a night bus, let alone had to wash the smell of one out their hair.

In true Cara and RiRi form the night was documented pretty much from start to finish with Instagram pictures. So being the pro stalkers we are, we’ve had a good nose at the snaps to bring you a guide to seeing in the New Year Caranna style. (See what we did there? Ahem…)

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