Strictly Come Dancing's Lisa Riley should never be a size 10!

It’s rare you see a woman over a size 8 on telly, let alone a size 16 or – heaven forbid – size 20 plus. Which considering the average woman is a size 16 or over – including me – is a bit ridiculous, don’t you think?

So seeing Lisa Riley rip up the dancefloor on Strictly Come Dancing every Saturday night has been a joy to behold.

Because women who are labelled fat’ by some in the fashion industry – and a lot of other people – don’t just sit at home stuffing their faces. We can dance too, you know. And sometimes without looking like we’re going to snap in half like a few of those skinnies out there.

Lisa looks fantastic after dropping from a size 22 to a size 18. And much healthier. Because that’s what weight’s about, isn’t it? Health, not a dress size.

But I hope she doesn’t go all skinny on us. Everyone looks better with a few pounds on them and even Dawn French is back on the chocolate!

From what Lisa‘s said, there’s no chance she’ll be slipping into a size 10 LBD on New Year’s Eve. And she won’t be doing a fitness DVD, saying, Who am I to preach at women about what shape they should be?’ Or doing a big diet secrets interview.

Because Lisa‘s weight loss is no secret. When you exercise, you lose weight. Who knew? Er, like everyone. But some of us just can’t be arsed!

Lisa has changed people’s perception of fat people. We’re not jolly all the time. We can dance. For hours when fuelled by vodka. And some guys even fancy the pants off us!

If Lisa doesn’t lift that glitterball at the end of the series, she’s lifted a few eyebrows – especially when she did the splits – and made a lot of above average’ women in the UK feel better about themselves. She’s duly dubbed our Dancing Queen of 2012!

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