I know The X factor is losing viewers but I can't get enough of Gary Barlow and co

Last Saturday night on The X Factor we saw the return of acoustic guitars – and our first hint that Gary Barlow, Tulisa, Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh are looking for a bit more than a performing chimp this year.

They want, like, a genuine artist’.

It’s working for me. First up was James Arthur whose back story is so sad it had me grabbing my Kleenex before Dermot O’Leary could cuddle a granny!
James‘s been through hell and back but The X Factor conquers all and managed to get his parents in the same room and talking again for the first time in over 20 years.

Not even Cilla Black has these kinds of powers!
When James walked on to the stage, guitar in hand, and sung Forever Young by Tulisa, the crowd went wild. Four yeses from the judges and the world was okay again!

(Although, if you’re a cynic like me, you could already hear the producers mumbling, If we just sort out his dodgy teeth and that weird hair then the girls might just vote for him.’)
Cue the second guitar hero or should I say heroine? It’s Lucy Spraggon from Sheffield.
How would her comedy style Victoria Wood songs go down? She looked nervous…
There was no need, the crowd lapped up her song about beer fear’ and even Tulisa did her weird seat dancing aka ‘yeah I get these kids cause I’m from Camden innit’.

She cried, we all cried, Twitter went wild and we couldn’t believe that this girl hadn’t been discovered already.
11140|00001dadb|1ead_Gary-Barlow.jpgWithin hours the world of pop and celebs were Tweeting about how great Lucy is.  Professor Green, actor Gary Lucy and, yes, wait for it… Alex Reid (her mum must be so proud!).

Even One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson wrote: Well done babe! I’m a local lad from Doncaster! #comeonyorkshire’.
But let’s fast forward a few weeks to the live shows. I can see it now, ‘No of course you don’t need that guitar… Your own songs? Are you mad?’ and ‘Yes you will dress in that fluoro jumpsuit and dance around the stage like Jedward.’

Why? Because that’s what will get the viewers’ votes!’
I’m just not sure there’s room for genuine artists’ on The X Factor.

I just can’t see it working. These kids should be playing pubs and clubs around the country, not pinning all their hopes on Simon Cowell‘s evil empire.

But for now they make a refreshing change, and I really hope it works out for Lucy Spraggon, after all she has Olly Murs‘ name tattooed on her foot and One Direction as fans already.

Let’s just hope she doesn’t get Louis Walsh as a mentor! #Louisfear

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