Rebecca's break-down on I'm A Celebrity highlights the constant pressure women are under to look like Amy

Oh, it made me so sad! Like actually a bit teary – watching Rebecca Adlington break down on last night’s ep of I’m A Celebrity over her body insecurities.

Because she isn’t stick thin’ and doesn’t wear push-up bras, like Amy Willerton that make her boobs look massive’.

Revealing how she’s struggled with abusive comments on Twitter, the retired swimmer explained: It’s making me very, very insecure that I have to look [a certain way].

For me, I was an athlete. I wasn’t trying to be a model, but pretty much every single week on Twitter I get somebody commenting on the way I look.’

Search on Twitter and you’ll see she’s not lying. Some comments were so vile they forced Rebecca to quit Twitter during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Let’s take one of Frankie Boyle’s ‘jokes’ as an example.

He unapologetically said: ‘What nobody really said about Rebecca Adlington is that it seems rather strange, it looks like someone who is looking for themselves in the back of a spoon.’


Seriously, imagine reading that kind of stuff about you every day?

It’s just devastating. 

Rebecca has a body any woman should be proud of – seeing as it’s an OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL WINNING one.

Twice over.

Yet despite this beyond-incredible achievement she still feels inadequate as a woman.

Of course, it’s not Amy’s fault Rebecca feels like this – but I’m sure most women can relate to the self-consciousness she’s feeling.

And probably most of all Amy – as a beauty queen her body is constantly compared to others and what she’s judged on every day. 

To prove exactly how gorgeous we think Rebecca is, here’s some of her more beautiful and heroic moments!

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