…Liam Payne. One Direction's Captain Sensible has just got all mouthy.

When One Direction first started out, Liam Payne was seen as the sensible one in the group.

With his dulcet dad-like tones and total lack of edge Liam was the adorable boy who you could take home to your parents and be the one person whose face your dad wouldn’t want to break.

Ah, could he get any better?


Liam got proper gobby and that’s always more fun than sweet.

In the past few months Liam has nicked Louis Tomlinson‘s crown as the sassy one and got all edgy. He even grown some stubble and big biceps to match GRRR.

This week Liam unleashed some Twitter fury on some fans hanging around outside his house, revealing it’s the only place I can be myself,’ a statement I actually find quite heartbreaking. And a couple of weeks ago he took the mickey out of people calling him fat.

OI, MY LIAM‘S NOT FAT YEAH. Liam sweetheart, eat all the pasta and cheese you want, I’ll love you whatever.

It’s not just those lurking outside his front door and calling him fatso that are getting to Liam, he’ll have a shout about anything these days. Whether he’s being a knight in shining tweeting armor and defending his girlfriend Sophia Smith from trolls, swearing at lazy journos for calling him a homophobe, calling out creepy paps that stalk him, or even creepier girls that steal his pants, Liam is not one to be messed with.

So as you can tell, I’m a fan of Liam’s maximum Payne, but I do wonder if he gets given a harder time compared to the other boys in the band. Fans seem to bitch at him more and the press are a lot less willing to forgive him for his sins.

What do you think? Are you a Liam fan and are you appreciating his new, mouthy side, or do you long for a return of his Captain Sensible days?

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