How does Arg pull the hottest girls in Essex? I know...

How Arg gets any girl into bed, let alone share a snog with Amy Childs – just for the record she wasn’t in his bed she was in the toilet with him – is one of life’s little mysteries… (well, not really but let’s pretend…).

My favourite TOWIE pal Arg knows I love him (not in that way!) so I’m sure he won’t take it personally me pondering how he manages to pull some of the hottest girls in Essex.

First there was Lydia Bright, who he dated on and off for like, ever, and cheated on, then Gemma Collins who he treated mean to keep her keen, there was a stunning 16-year-model (who then denied she was dating him), then he was linked to glamour girl Helen Flanaghan (although they say they were just ‘best friends’) and now we discover that he’s had a ‘fling’ with flame-haired pouting Essex princess, Amy Childs. Shut uuuuuup!

Arg revealed: ‘I’ve never revealed this before but I actually cheated on Lydia with Amy Childs. It was in the toilets at an ITV party. Sam Faiers walked in on us. It happened when I was with Lydia.’
So forget infamous TOWIE lotharios Mario Falcone, Dan Osborne and Charlie Sims, who’ve had more than their fair share of women, it turns out we’ve all overlooked Arg.

So how DOES he do it? Is it his Michael Buble-esque singing voice? His smooth jet-black slick barnet? Or does he simply laugh his way into the ladies hearts? ‘Cos it’s not as if he’s got a big bank balance, so I can only think he must have a big… erm… y’know, so have you Arg?!

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