One Direction star gets teenagers to actually learn something - perhaps he should bring out a GCSE guide

Now I don’t want to sound old – because I’m not.

But I was staggered, yes, staggered to see some people’s reaction to Margaret Thatcher‘s death.

I’m not talking about those who seem to rejoice in her passing – something that’s incomprehensible to normal human beings who can show compassion regardless of politics.


I’m actually talking about the shocking lack of knowledge by teenagers who had no idea who Britain’s first woman prime minister actually was.

Thanks then for Harry Styles – a teen who seems to have had an education.

He Tweeted: RIP Baroness Thatcher X’

But hysterically One Direction fans then asked Who’s that?’ Is he your friend?’ and my favourite: It’s Market Thatcher. Something to do with our queen.’


These people were not even joking.

Once more I don’t want to sound like an old fuddy duddy but what the hell is the education system coming to, when Harry Styles has to be the one to teach teens about a famous political leader?

Regardless of political beliefs, Margaret Thatcher was a pioneer for women, after becoming the first female prime minister.

So how sad is it that young girls who she should have inspired have no idea who she was?

What’s even worse is that they are likely to know the girls from Towie, who are obsessed with tanning and boyfriends. And they’ll certainly know popstars like Rihanna who trade on their sexuality.

I’m not a feminist but I’m not not a feminist. That whole argument is by the by. I just think it’s really sad that unless a 19-year-old popstar talks about it, some young girls just aren’t interested.

Perhaps at this rate Harry Styles should bring out his own GCSE study guide – we might see results go through the roof.

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