Score one to X Factor - Danny O’Donoghue’s departure could kill The Voice unless the BBC acts NOW

I feel sorry for The Voice.

It arrived on the BBC in 2012 with a big crash, bang, wallop of bravado.

Execs relished in the speculation that Cheryl Cole would be a judge – the ultimate insult to their ITV rival Simon Cowell.

TV critics heralded it as the saviour of Saturday night TV – the good against the perceived evil of The X Factor.

Even real musos were excited as they lapped up the hype that it was all about the voice’, not the sob story.

Fast forward two series and what are we left with?

A show whose winner Leanne Mitchell didn’t even scrape the top 40; a show that’s beaten in the ratings by Countryfile; and a show which has lost not one but TWO judges in two years.

Danny O’Donoghue‘s decision to leave today is the real kicker.

Frankly, the 6ft-something hunk was the best turn on, sorry, reason to turn on the show.

And however dope we think is, The Voice is not going to be the same without a bit of Danny action.

So has The X Factor finally won the battle of the talent shows?

Well, yes.

But can The Voice be saved?

Mmm. Maybe.

Now I’m sure the BBC are all over this, but in case they’re not Mr Director General, here is my top five recommendations to Save your Voice…

1. Get Cheryl Cole whatever the costs: Love her or hate her, Cheryl Cole will get you column inches you need to compete with The X Factor behemoth. Plus I can’t wait to see Will try to keep her in line…

2. More hot men. Is there ever a situation that can’t be improved by hot men? No. So let’s get someone hot on the panel. I’m thinking Robbie Williams, Brandon Flowers, Olly Murs or Adam Levine

3. Do what you promise and make it about the voice. I never want to hear the phrase: This is my last chance to achieve my dream’ ever, ever, ever again. Seriously.

4. More flopstars! Let’s face it, my favourite bit of this year was seeing Danny squirm after turning down his mate’ Kavana, the once famous 90s heartthrob.

5. Um, just bring in Simon Cowell. You know he could do it better, guys…


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