As Kate Middleton now knows, it's called labour for a very good reason

Any minute now Kate Middleton and Prince William will be the shiny, brand new parents of a Royal babe

The arrival of the couple’s first child is exciting but please can we give Kate and William a break as they go through nature’s toughest ordeal?!

Let’s just pause for a minute to take in what that means.

Kate and Wills are going to become Mum and Dad to a tiny scrap of life that’s going to develop into a separate person, with its own likes and dislikes, hopes and dreams, good points and bad points.

Poor old Kate, 31, is currently working her socks off to produce this baby – by all accounts she’s elected to go for a natural birth – and it’s not called ‘labour’ for nothing. It’s bloody hard work.

And since it’s something she’s never experienced before, it’s going to be scary and nerve-wracking as well as exhausting.

And spare a thought for her husband, Prince William, 31. It’s great that he’s chosen to be with his wife during the birth (do guys really get a choice these days?) but it’s strictly a hands-off role.

There’s really very little a dad-to-be can do during childbirth and even if they do make an effort to help/support/empathise with their hardworking partner, they’re likely to get short shrift from a woman who just WANTS TO GET THIS x!@£X!?@%!! BABY OUT NOW!!!

I’ve heard that punches are sometimes landed.

It can be a terrifying experience for both – for the new mum whose body is jumping through biological hoops that she never thought possible, and for the dad who can see his partner’s suffering but can’t do anything about it.

So yes, ‘wow’ is definitely an appropriate word to use. Kate and William are having a baby, right now.

It’s the biggest thing we humans do – procreate to ensure the continuity of our species. And it’s emotional and profound and amazing (and messy) and normal.

Yes, normal. They may well be Royals and this baby may well be heir to the throne one day, but please, please, please, can we just let them do what normal people do.

Let’s just back off and let the poor old Duchess and her probably terrified husband get on with it. Give them a break and stop suffocating them with attention!

And when it’s all over and Kate and William really are shiny, brand new parents, let’s give them a chance to sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Like normal people. For a minute or two at least.

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