Why it's hard for any mum to relate to the sheer selfishness of monster mum Josie Cunningham

When I was pregnant, my antenatal class midwife gave me some unlikely advice: Drink alcohol during your labour, it’ll ease the pain.

At the time I thought it sounded like the wildest idea in the world. After months of pretty much extreme caution (aside from the odd glass of wine here and there) I felt excited: ‘Damn it, YES I’m going to drink a glass of red wine to help me get through the sheer horror of what’s to come. Heck, if it gets really bad, I’ll down the whole bloody bottle.’

But then my labour arrived and when my husband waved the much-promised wine under my nose I just couldn’t face the thought of it. Now was not the time to get drunk, for goodness sake, all I could think about was making sure everything was OK and that I GOT THIS BABY OUUUUUUT.

Josie Cunningham
wasn’t like that though. Oh no, Josie found plenty of time to think about her own selfish desires during her labour in the same way that she did throughout her pregnancy – by making sure she puffed away on her fags during her 27-hour labour.

I’m not surprised. This is the woman who boasted that she was still smoking 20 cigarettes a day when she was pregnant, regardless of the risks to her vulnerable unborn child, including heart defects and breathing difficulties.

Josie, 22, has also revealed she smoked a cigarette as soon as her baby was delivered. Yes, that’s right. One of her poor newborn daughter Grace Neiv’s first smells was probably of the nicotine on her mum’s stained fingers. Is anyone else wrinkling their own nose up in disgust right now?

She told the Sunday Mirror, without a hint of regret: ‘I was in so much pain when I was in labour and I was so stressed I couldn’t stop myself in the early stages [of contractions].

‘After I had Grace and held her in my arms the first thing I did was go outside and chain smoke two fags.’

I try to be liberal in my opinions of other mums – parenthood is hard enough, who am I to judge another mother? – but smoking during pregnancy is a topic that never fails to make me furious. If it’s so hard to make one small sacrifice in your lifestyle and put your unborn baby’s health first, why have a baby in the first place? Because, in my short experience, there’s a heck of a lot more sacrifice involved in this baby lark (including sleep).

But then Josie, who is already a mum to two sons, is the kind of mum I struggle to find any empathy with.

While I’ve witnessed friends desperately fight against a seemingly huge stack of odds to get the family they so desire (including finding the right man to have that baby with in the first place), Josie has carelessly thrown herself through her pregnancy and labour without an ounce of responsibility.

First she provoked public outrage by admitting she considered aborting her baby just to be able to go on reality TV show Big Brother. She later changed her mind after feeling her baby kick.

The glamour model also admits she doesn’t know who her baby’s dad is. First she thought the dad could be a premiership footballer (who turned out not to actually be a footballer in the end, yeah it’s a long story). Then she wondered if it might be a surgeon, who she had sex with while working as a £1,000-night-escort. Now, in a new low, she reckons her bub could actually have been sired by her best friend’s boyfriend, who she was ALSO secretly sleeping with.

To add to the mounting list of reasons why Josie will never win a Mum of the Year award, she has also revealed that she’s considering going on I’m A Celebrity when her baby is just a few weeks old. This will require her to leave her little girl for two weeks, at a time when she needs her mum more than anyone else in the world (even one as terrible as Josie) to go into the Australian TV jungle.

What kind of future does Grace have if her mother is already too selfish with her own fame-hungry needs to put her first?

The truth is if Josie had a dog, it would probably be taken off her. Sadly, her poor baby will have no such luck.

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