Why Kerry Katona is right to rush up the aisle with new man George Kay


Good on you Kerry Katona!

The reformed coke addict has finally found The One who she hopes can turn her life around.

And – in keeping with her unconventional love story – he’s a former jailbird who has popped the question after just nine months of dating.

On paper, you can see why many people think Kerry Katona‘s decision to marry George Kay, 33, might be, um, not so much heading, but throwing yourself head first at full speed, towards disaster.

But those haters who took to Twitter to slam Kerry‘s decision to get married again so soon, should be ashamed of themselves.

Not only because, as a mum-of-four, Kerry, 32, is old enough to make her own decisions on what’s right for her and her family.

But because I believe (and bear with me here as I may have drunk too much coffee) that somewhere along the way we’ve started to lose our belief in love. Yes, I’m getting deep.

Now I don’t want to sound sickening, but think about the people around you.

All too often people nowadays think of finding love as something on their to-do list; you just post your most flattering picture, write a few pithy comments, before you click to the next page and order your groceries.

That’s not romance. That’s e-romance. There’s no fate or chance encounters that have brought people together there, just plain old binary code. It’s a step away from letting Skynet have control.

But is this why we all have to be so cynical when Kerry reveals that she really has found The One with her bodyguard?

Have we all really become so hard-hearted and jaded that we’ve stopped believing it’s possible people could fall head over heels and want to get married within nine months?

When did we stop believing in that thunderbolt moment the romcoms have been thrusting down our throats since we were little? Noah and Allie, who secretly knew they had found their soulmate within minutes of meeting in 2004’s The Notebook? Or Johnny Castle and Baby falling for each other as they practice the lift in the lake? Jerry Maguire having Renee Zellweger at hello?

Despite being cheated on by her first hubby, and left bankrupt by her second, Kerry still seems to have faith that there can be a little luck left to bring her her happy ending. And she’s not scared to risk it all and go for it.

It might crash and burn – in fact it probably will. But all those haters having a go, should remember that at least she had the nerve to try and try again…

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