This week lovable Benedict Cumberbatch gave us another reason to love him

Besides being in The Hobbit, Sherlock and The Imitation Game—Benedict Cumberbatch has JUST given us another reason to love him.

Reason 127. Even though he was told not to sign autographs after performing in Hamlet at the Barbican for fear of probs getting trampled by the gazillions of screaming girls, the 39-year-old actor defied the bosses and went ahead to pose up for a few cheeky selfies and scribble his signature on some paper after performing in the Shakespeare play.

If only more stars were a bit like Ben (can we call you that!?) then maybe we wouldn’t have to spend our days pestering them on Twitter for a bit of love.

The Sherlock star made headlines last week when producers at the Barbican made an executive decision not to allow him to sign autographs after his performance because of the sheer amount of fans outside the theatre.

When audience members heard the news, some of whom had paid over 85 quid for the tickets, they were quite rightly narked off and wouldn’t you be too!?

But instead the big softie couldn’t keep up his hard man image any longer, after all, this is the actor known for dressing up in tights as his day job.

He rushed out of that stage door on Wednesday night and started striding towards his fans (Enya playing in the background) and gave each one a big sloppy kiss…erm well that’s what we kind of imagine.

But seriously what Benedict did is what more celebrities should be doing, making time for the fans even if some of the ‘higher-ups’ try to make tough rules.

In an age where  Danniella Westbrook can charge £25 to record you a personalised birthday message—surely a bit of decency, even if you are an a-lister, should be free.